It's more than just about the interest rate….


Is the right mortgage for you the one with the lowest interest rate? Surprisingly, it is not always the case.

Lenders constantly promote low interest rates with very little emphasis on the actual products on offer. Not all loans are created equal, which is why you need to consider all your options along with your current and  future needs before choosing the right loan.


Your check list – Questions to ask yourself

What changes will I have in my cash position over the next 5 years? (Also consider future expenses, for example a holiday or your children’s education)


Do I intend to make minimum repayments or plan to pay off my mortgage as quickly as possible?


How will I pay my loan if I  get sick, injured or lose my job?


Can I afford my repayments if rates go up?


Will I need to borrow more in the future? (ie investment property, renovations, new property)



There are so many home loans to choose from, but which one is Right for you?  At Right Layne Property and Finance we research our panel of home loan lenders to help you choose the loan product that best suits your financial goals, needs, income and budget.


Our service is FREE to you!


We can help you with the following:


Refinancing owner occupied and investment loans

Property Purchase

Offset Home Loans

Equity Release

Low Doc Lending

Land Purchase

SMSF Lending

Deposit Bonds

Debt Consolidation

“Off Plan” Purchasing

Construction Loan

Business Loans

Vehicle and equipment finance

Bridging/relocation loans

First Home buyer Loan

Lines of Credit

Credit Impaired Loan

Renovation Loan

Commercial Property Loans

Personal Loans (Unsecured)